But why an app for Estate Agents?

Why a mobile app for estate agents which makes scheduling, sending feedback to sellers and keeping of accurate records easy you may ask? Why not just carry on using text messages, phone calls, and emails?

Jansen Myburgh, creator of the Roundr app worked for years as a successful real estate agent in Cape Town, South Africa.

He realised that scheduling and keeping his sellers informed and updated was taking up a huge amount of time every day (and night). He had other tasks to get to, like attending the viewings he was permanently arranging; meeting potential new clients; matching buyers to listings; liaising between buyers and other agents; drawing up, amending and finalising offer documents; creating effective listings; writing descriptions, and the list goes on. He also had a young family at home and was spending so much time on the phone after hours that he started to resent his work.

Surely in this day and age there would be some sort of mobile app for Jansen to download and use which would simplify some of his tasks in order to work more efficiently and free up some time? He thought so, and went off and had a good search. He came up empty-handed.

Not one to back away from a challenge, Jansen decided if such a tool did not yet exist, he would create it himself.

And so, after almost two years of development, the Roundr app was born to assist estate agents in working simply and efficiently and to help free up some of their time.

The Roundr story is interesting because any app idea you can possibly think of seems to have already been thought of and done. What makes Roundr so unique is that the idea would not have occurred to someone outside the industry, someone who had not experienced the daily challenges that could be addressed by technology.

Another thing to think of here is that agents are assumed by their clients to earn too much for a small amount of work. Clients tend to want to get the absolute maximum amount of work out of estate agents in order for them to feel like they are getting their money’s worth, so why would anyone not an agent ever think of a tool to lighten the load on estate agents? They wouldn’t and they haven’t.

There are very few industries left where technology is not utilised to work smarter. The Real Estate technology area currently consists of a lot of buyer-facing tech trying to replace human real estate agents, as well as document sharing platforms and the like. Human real estate agents are vital to the property sales process, and cannot be replaced by technology, rather they can stay ahead by utilising technology like Roundr to work smarter.