Your seller details are your secret

Seller details are worth a lot in the property sales game. Being realtors ourselves, we know how agents guard their seller’s lists and rightfully so – it’s a competitive industry, and agents need to protect their interests and avoid being cut out of a deal.

There are two aspects concerning data and who has access to it when using Roundr:

1. When using Roundr, can other agents see your sellers details?

No. You can be totally assured that your seller details are not visible to anyone other than yourself when using the Roundr app.

When using Roundr, you add your properties, and then link your seller to their property so you can schedule viewings, and send feedback to them via the app.

It’s very quick and easy, and far more efficient than multiple emails and calls. The bottom line is, only the listing agent themselves of a particular property can see the details of their sellers.

In terms of open mandates, where you wouldn’t want other agents to see the address of the property, just add these properties using just the street name or suburb instead of the entire address. Other agents will have to go through you for more information or for viewing arrangements.

2. How does Roundr treat the data we input into the system?

We use it to facilitate your interactions on Roundr. That’s it. We do not sell, pass on, or use the data you input into the system for anything except facilitating your interactions.

You can view our privacy policy here for more.